Dietary Douchebag

I have always been annoyed by people who take their diet very seriously, in that they refuse to eat something that has a certain ingredient or comes from a certain retailer or manufacturer. However somewhat recently I have made a radical change in my own diet and exercising habits and suddenly realized I am now one of those same douchebags I used to look down my nose at.

I caught myself one day while at my parents house, I went to the refrigerator to get something to eat and my mom suggested some hard boiled eggs (knowing they are now a staple of my mornings), I looked at the carton of eggs she had on hand and said “oh, no thanks” in a tone that chastised her for not purchasing what I considered to be the “correct” type of eggs. With that simple “oh, no thanks” I berated her and suggested she must be a moron for buying eggs that were not from cage free, farm fresh, vegetarian fed chickens. To use the words of Cosmo Kramer, my mom had purchased “sweat-shop eggs”.

I replayed what I had just said, and the manner in which I said it, in my own head and was immediately disgusted with myself. When did this happen? How did shopping at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods turn me into such a snob?

I attempted to retrace the steps that got me here and realized maybe these people, and yes I am now one of “these people”, aren’t so bad. I began to turn things around after reading an article in which researchers claimed to have found the genes that predicted longevity. This after already believing that with advancements in technology and the way we live our lives nowadays, humans are going to start living a lot longer. I wanted to be someone who lives 120+ years and realized that genes and technology alone weren’t going to be enough. I was also getting fat, and by “getting fat” I mean I had put on about 30 pounds a couple of years ago and maintained them, and one day while shopping I stood shirtless in the dressing room, bent over to pick up some clothing I would try on and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It was one of those dressing rooms that had 3 mirrors so you could see yourself at different angles but all it did for me was show me my gut and moobs (man-boobs to the lay person) in 3D. I have always hated 3D movies and been against them and maybe the sight of my flabby upper half that day is the reason.

So I reasoned that my lashing out at my mother, who was actually being considerate, thoughtful and caring, knowing that I am eating healthier and even what I am eating regularly, was justified because I was doing it so I could live longer and be healthier. I know this is bullshit but I’m somewhat of a narcissist so that’s as good as it gets.

So back to the egg, or the chicken depending on your belief system, I wondered if there was even any data anywhere to suggest that free range chickens produced better eggs. I mean obviously no animal wants to be caged up or packed in like sardines, so the chickens that are free range are likely happier, but does that have any effect on the eggs they dump? And is there such a thing as mad-chicken disease? That’s the only reason I make sure the eggs come from vegetarian fed chickens, because mad-cow disease is the result of feeding cows other dead, ground up cows and if the chickens are not vegetarian fed then who knows what goes into their food. I also like to say that I buy those eggs because the chickens are treated better but deep down I know I don’t really care, or I do but only in how it affects me, if a happy chicken makes healthier eggs then keep them happy.

This all applies to everything we eat and is a big reason some people are such snobs about what they put into their respective bodies (myself included), it’s not just “stay away from fried and junk foods”. Food loaded up with preservatives and chemical additives to make it last longer or animals injected with steroids and hormones to make them bigger and fatter or mature faster can not possibly be as good for you as natural, organic, fresh stuff right?

Although I suppose I have to believe this now, otherwise I’m just a snobby asshole who treats his mother like shit. At least I have some results to back me up a little as I have dropped just over 20 lbs after changing my diet and exercising more. I am trying to not be such a dick about it though, and try and not sound condescending when I refuse to eat something that doesn’t fit my dietary standards. Especially because I do not follow them strictly, which kind of does just make me a pretentious douchebag, how can I look down my nose at eggs and refuse to eat them but then turn around and eat a McRib? I do eat healthy 90% of the time so I am not only doing it in front of other people but no matter how you look at it, any egg on earth is healthier than a McRib.

I guess I owe my mom an apology for being a jerk about her sweat-shop eggs. Sorry mom.

Galaxy Tab Officially Announced for Verizon

Verizon and Samsung have made it official and announced that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available on November 11 and carry a price tag of $600. There will be no option to purchase the device at a subsidized price for signing a contract. This is the first tablet device that is widely expected to really challenge the iPad but the pricing came as a bit of a surprise. First because Sprint and T-Mobile have both announced that they will offer the device for $400 if you sign a 2 year agreement and second because the device is about 3 inches smaller than the iPad but still costs about the same.

Now to be fair this version will have wifi as well as 3G built in and the wifi + 3G version of the iPad runs $630, still $600 for a device that boasts a 7 inch screen instead of the almost 10 inches you get on the iPad should have been less expensive by more than $30.

On top of that the biggest feature that separates the Galaxy Tab from the iPad is the front facing camera and that is all but certain to be on the next generation iPad which will likely be released in April 2011. So it begs the question: “is it really worth dropping $600 on the Galaxy Tab or should I wait 4.5 months and get the next iPad which starts at $500?”

I think it will all come down to how you plan on using the device, for me personally, the Galaxy Tab sounds really exciting and its biggest drawback, the smaller screen, I think may end up being a good thing.

I can’t help but picture using this in the car often, and in that setting a 7-inch screen will fit much better than a 10-inch, If I can find a way to mount the Galaxy Tab just in front of my stereo deck, which will be really easy, I will have a touch screen, GPS equipped device that will also pipe music through my stereo.

I can look something up on yelp, tap for it to navigate me and stream all my music from Subsonic through my cars speakers. Add to that that ability to play any video file out there, again with the sound coming through the stereo speakers, and this has the potential to be far better than any in-dash stereo system that has navigation and video.

Ever since I had to switch from my iPhone to an Android phone full time, and especially with the release of Android 2.2 (Froyo) I am loving Android more and more and have been dreaming of the day that cars use it as their main OS. This essentially gets me there now for $600, which is a lot cheaper than some of the stereo units out there that have navigation and a nice size screen.

I’ll keep everyone posted and there may be a 1st generation iPad up for sale in the coming weeks if the Galaxy Tab can perform as well as I think it can.

Listen to the podcast if you want a more detailed rundown of the device and it’s capabilities or you can check out a great review from Engadget here.